Join us for a survey of the latest brine minimizing technologies and learn about:

  • Brine volume minimization and ZLD technologies
  • Our latest results demonstrating breakthroughs in minimizing the brine volume in existing BWRO plants.
  • Our latest technologies for minimizing brine discharge (a new technology that significantly increases recovery of common BWRO systems, cooling tower blowdown treatment systems and acid mine drainage treatment systems).


Alex Drak Ph.D.

Alex Drak Ph.D.

IDE Technologies

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As one of IDE's senior process engineers, Alex has led the process engineering teams in several projects of different sizes in thermal and membrane technologies, as well as industrial water treatment projects. He has more than 15 years of experience in water treatment, with particular expertise in industrial water treatment. Alex has significant expertise in the field of membrane desalination, particularly in the retrofit and expansion of existing desalination plants, as well as a broad range of knowledge of other water treatment technologies and water types including seawater, industrial and wastewater. In his day-to-day work Alex combines process engineering, from the stage of solution development through to the end-product stage, with the development of new processes, R&D, and chemical and technical support, both in Israel and abroad

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