Author: Miriam Faigon

Presenter: Miriam Faigon, Senior Director, Technical Solutions & Products IDE Technologies Ltd Israel

A free webinar by Miriam Faigon, IDEís Senior Director of Water Solutions & Products.

A unique chance to learn from the worlds most experienced company in large scale desalination plants. Miriam Faigon has championed the development of some of the worldís largest plants and is among the worldís leading experts in this field.

Topics to be covered:

  • Why size really does matter 16 vs. 8 membranes
  • Smarter ways to optimize energy costs
  • Pressure Centre Design vs. individual train design
  • How to reduce installation risk


Gaetan Blandin

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Gaetan Blandin graduated in 1999 in chemical engineering from University of Nantes (France) and then worked during 13 years in the industry in Belgium at Lhoist research centre. During its experience, he was in charge of product development, process optimisation and customer support for water treatment applications related to lime/limestone products. He participated to the development of new products starting from the lab and until industrial implementation. He is the inventor of 3 international patents related to these former activities with an expertise in water softening, water rehardening, wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering and sludge drying. Since 2012 Gaetan decided to start a PhD for both discovering academic research and as an opportunity to travel. Gaetan is currently doing a joint PhD associated with the Ghent University (Belgium) and the UNESCO centre for membrane science and technology located at the University of New South Wales (Sydney/Australia). His work is funded by NCEDA and is dedicated to the assessment of pressure assisted forward osmosis (PAO) for energy savings in desalination.

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