A free webinar by Boaz Keinan, the head of IDE’s RO Process Dept.  

Discover how IDE leverages its experience gained from operating and maintaining plants around the world, and incorporates this into the next generation of desalination plant design.

A free webinar by IDE’s Boaz Keinan that will cover the following topics:

  • Optimizing design based on our O&M experience
  • Optimizing cost vs. improving O&M abilities
  • Applying the lessons to plant design

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Boaz Keinan

IDE Technologies Ltd – Israel

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Boaz is a graduate of the Technion – The Israel Institute of Technology - with a B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering.   He joined IDE Technologies in 2007 as an RO process engineer, and was involved in all aspects of the process design, as well as the commissioning and operation of several IDE mega plants. In 2009, he assumed the lead of the process design team responsible for the Sino Iron Cape Preston SWRO plant (Australia).  

In 2012 Boaz went on to lead the process design team responsible for the Carlsbad Desalination Plant in the U.S., where he managed and coordinated the team's various design tasks.

Today Boaz is the Deputy Manager of IDE's process engineering department, managing the RO process engineers, and responsible for all RO design activities. He is involved in the entire project lifecycle, from the bidding stage through project execution and supporting and consulting on SWRO O&M activities.










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